Advice about wearing Opal Jewelry

Opals are fragile gemstones that should be worn with extra care. Opals are sensitive to scratches, so be careful that the stone does not come into contact with other objects while wearing. Our advice is not to wear opal jewelery while showering, exercising, (physical) work and sleeping. Store the jewelery in the supplied jewelery box (or in your own jewelery box). To clean your opal jewelry, use the supplied cleaning cloth. If necessary, you can clean the jewelry in a bath of lukewarm water with soap and a soft brush. Avoid strong detergents. (IUnlike Ethiopian opal, Australian opal can withstand water). Silver jewelery can discolour/oxidize (this can differ per person, this depends on the acidity of the skin) - if discolouration occurs, this can be polished off with the supplied cleaning cloth. The jewelery should last a lifetime if handled properly.