Australian Opals & Opal Jewelery 

Marsi is the place for Australian opals and handmade jewelry with Australian opal.

All opals are cut by Colin van Elderen in his own workshop, and set in a self-designed and manufactured piece of jewelry. His wife Marijke is responsible for social media, marketing, customer service and product management. 


We import rough opal from Australia ourselves, therefore we know everything about the quality and origin of the opal. Because of this method and the fact that we cut and fabricate everything ourselves, we can assure you of the best quality. Each opal has its own unique shape and colors. Our jewelry is always made to match the stone, therefore a piece of Marsi jewelery is always unique.


We sell loose opal stones and jewelry with opal. If you have seen a beautiful opal on our website we can turn it into a piece of jewelry for you. To see our offer, go to our webshop.

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